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Create Domain and Project on ALM

Projects are grouped by Domain. A domain contains a group of related projects and assists you in organizing and managing a large number of projects. Each domain contains a Projects folder and a Template Projects folder to organize your projects and template projects. Creating Domains You can add new domains to Site Administration. You organize…

Requirement Traceability Matrix or RTM

Map business and functional requirements to test cases using HP ALM/Quality Center. Requirement Traceability Matrix or RTM is a document that maps and traces user requirement with prepared test cases. The goal of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to see that all the test cases are covered so that no functionality should miss while developed and testing.

Introduction to ALM

HP Application Lifecycle Management is a software solution expressly designed to allow your team to take control of the application lifecycle while investing limited resources in the highest priorities and increasing velocity of delivery — without sacrificing quality or performance.