Supported Technologies (Add-Ins) in UFT

UFT can be used to automate web based and windows based client-server applications. However, it doesn’t support all technologies by default. For an extended support, we need to load the corresponding add–in.

For instance, if you were to automate an application based on Java technology, you will have to load Java add–in.

[UFT Add-Ins are software provided by HP that needs to be installed on a machine where UFT is installed – to support a corresponding technology.]

Default Add-ins:

Quick Test Professional comes with 3 add-ins by default –

  1. ActiveX
  2. Visual Basic
  3. Web

All-in-all UFT Supports:

  1. .Net
  2. Web
  3. VB
  4. Mobile
  5. Java
  6. Oracle apps
  7. SAP
  8. PeopleSoft
  9. Siebel
  10. Stingray
  11. Terminal Emulators (Unix, Mainframes)
  12. Power Builder
  13. Delphi
  14. Visual Age
  15. Web Services
  16. Flex (By Adobe)
  17. Shunra VE Desktop Professional for WAN emulation (By Shunra)

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